DLT Labs Participates as Special International Speaker at IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest 2018

DLT Labs Participates as Special International Speaker at IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest 2018

DLT Labs’ Pranav Pathak will be attending IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest 2018 as a Special International Speaker to discuss current and future blockchain technologies and DLT Labs’ role in its success.

A first of its kind platform, IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest is a 10-months long program comprising industry talks, project presentations, workshops, seminars, business and investment meetings and discussions, and B2B launches. Investors and business groups from both countries can identify, analyze, and explore the opportunities that UAE and India are offering.

IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest’s commitment to reach a worldwide audience is achieved through multiple measures including live streaming the events and making available recorded versions online.

The first iteration of IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest took place in 2017. By the end of the event, 100 business workshops and industrial seminars were held, 100 international industry speakers presented their visions and innovations, 50 B2B meetings were facilitated, 20 panel discussions were conducted, and 30 business investments and MOUs were generated.

In 2018, IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest will explore the Emirati and Indian business landscapes further by introducing ventures in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and FinTech business investment opportunities. The “Emirati Business Conclave” workshop will provide India business and investment best practices for Emirati business leaders and stakeholders.

“DLT Labs is enthusiastic about participating in the growth of the UAE’s non-oil sector businesses and supporting bilateral trade with the UAE. We are especially thrilled with the interest in tech and fintech business diversification,” says Pathak. “We are confident that DLT Labs’ knowledge and capabilities in the field will be valuable to the event’s mandate.”

DLT Labs will bring its experience as a global leader in the development and integration of innovative enterprise solutions to the IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest and share its expertise in blockchain and distributed ledger technology to offer real, innovative solutions to existing and emerging ventures, and to contribute to the strengthening of UAE and India’s economic development.

The Event will take place on March 21, 2018 in Dubai.

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